When is the right time to trim the lawn?


You may be wondering when a good opportunity to cut your grass is.   To write several blogs on the yard management is no mean fete and being a successful plant husbandry manager, it is clear that the advice you are likely to find from me here is valuable.

The promotion of nature and gardening is one area which usually beats logic of most plant care reformers.  The area of getting the right garden design with the right trim is one thing which cannot escape the attention of any gardener.

There are some gardening specialists with comprehensive knowledge in the field spanning the educational field.  However, most of the gardening tips need to come from enthusiasts in the area whose loyalty to the lawn management is not in doubt.

The sizes of the grass at times differ with smaller garden owners even suffering the confusion of not being able to decide what to do with their lawns.  Because of the market value, most garden specialists concern themselves with larger yards whose pictures they are glad to share around the web for all to see.

Trimming the lawn top some is not an easy undertaking as they fear the prospect of destroying some of the plants they may have on the lawn.  Some of the plants we usually hear about from most of the lawn care enthusiasts is the perennial plants.

Long held notion

Looking back, you will agree that some lawn care specialists set up rules on how and when to do certain things on your lawn.  One of the areas they have always set their eyes on is the one to do with the time of trimming the grass. Be it as it may, the changing face of reforms and ensuing agitation has changed a lot of things with more prospects for the change of tune.


End of the year trimming

The prospect of having an unruly garden at times has even seemed significant in most quarters with pundits looking at the bigger side of the shaggy yards. Perennials are always the main reason for most of the fears of lawn trimming in the in-season period. Trimming then needs to be trimmed at the end of their season.

Looking at the lawn with all its plants is what most of such people love. Seeing the wind swish away and take in the beauty makes even trimming the grass for the sake of the stylistic beauty to be thrown out of the window.

In reality, cutting any other extra part of the park which may not appear to be in its right place is an advisable act. Some of the plants which need trimming may include additional branches of perennials you have on the lawn.

The real problem

When you have a lot of lawn plant branches on the lawn, the reality dawn on the lawn owner when you have nowhere to take the plant remains. Many would prefer when the trimming occurs, or when the perennials are done away with, stuffed into compost for renewal of the organic component of the soil.

However, the prospects of having a lot of plants remain usually depend on the manner of trimming. You may be using a hedge trimmer, a standard tool on the lawns or just some ride on lawn mower with a mulching bag as its accessory.

When the yard is left untrimmed, the prospect of having litter all over when a storm occurs is a reality, something which may make the garden owner have a heap of work to do especially during winter.

 However, bagging the debris and turning them in as mulch is one thing that is easier said than done if you have a large amount of plant remains on the lawn. Apart from such debris quickly clogging the lawn mower blade, they may not be easily rotting making the process of turning them into compost a long drawn one.

Additionally, ride on mowers is ideal if you use in concurrence with your hedge trimmer to be able to get the perfect look. They are perfect if you wish just to want to shred the plants and let them decay on the soil as mulch.

But some of them may not work as you may want as the corded nature and the weak blades can limit the extent at which they go. The smoke that billows from these rides on mowers and the prospect of oil spills ion the lawn hedges is real.



While the time to trim your lawn is your prerogative, getting it right is not a choice. Plants are known to have different growth spans, the same case we witness on the lawn. Whether one decides to do the trimming in winter or during the summer period, taking into account, the plant needs seem to be the primary focus.

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