Mulching can achieve much in keeping garden plants happy

Having a yard with old trees can at times be so wonderful. Do you know how to keep your trees happy?  Can trees be happy after all?  These are questions hanging on the minds of many lawn owners.

For a fact, getting the trees look healthy and vibrant can at times be the aim of the yard owner. However, this can be achieved pretty easily by only taking the mowed grass on your lawn collected through the lawn mower bag and then using them to mulch the trees.

Most lawn mowers have a collection bag, which can be emptied after each round of mowing the garden. This process can be made even easier when the garden owner has farm implements for collecting the mowed grass together and ferrying it to the other areas of the yard.

Moreover, if you have a mower with a shredder, it can make the work pretty easy as this allows the mowed grass to dry and rot fast into the soil, keeping all the plants happy, including the lawn. Every leaf in this process counts as they contain just the right ingredients which will eventually make the plants happy. 

Importance of mulching garden plants

While the lawn owner may have some plants around the yard which he waters every day, the mulching process eliminates the whole debacle and allows the plants to have enough root cover to keep the water under the soil.

Additionally, the mulch is important in keeping the plants free from the effects of the cold season, which at times devastates the plants. Because of the compact nature of the mulching leaves, you are going to have them providing the much need warmth to the plant roots.

While it is not just the cold effects to be driven away, some plants like garlic may warm up when exposed to extreme heat, which the mulch also keeps at bay and helps maintain the quality of such plants.

Mulching also allows for better changes to the season physiologically and allows the plants on the lawn to flower at their appointed time. For instance, lack of a constant temperature at the roots may make the warmth which comes after the cold spell to make the plants have abnormal growth.

Such growth may make them blossom before the appointed time, a fact which is never desired while the frostiness still lingers around the plant. Additionally, the mulch improves the soil pH, which makes such plants depending on these to have the ability to grow all round the seasons.

Flower blooms on the lawn throughout the season are something all yard owners cherish as it adds color to the park. The health of your plants depends on the suitable climate it enjoys. Depending on the area, you may decide the level of mulching you need to do.

Sometimes, the feeling around most yards is that the mulching of the plants does not give as much as it takes. Overall, by just keeping your plants healthy, it’s worth trying because it costs nothing.


Improving the overall look of the soil and the chemical nature through mulching has made the modern lawn yards to enjoy an unprecedented amount of plant growth. There is no more of the winter and summer plants, which was mainly dictated by the seasonal flowering.

Mulching the plants is easy as much as it can be fun as you can decide whether just to stock the leaves below the plant or have them shredded for ease of rotting and better soil mix. Moreover, it makes the yard tidy and allows your mower to get its job done easily.

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